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Our primary service is promoting and selling the products and services of our clients via the ‘human commercial’, using face-to-face sales and marketing techniques, through Business-to-Business, Residential and Events Campaigns.


Our customer acquisition programs and marketing expertise, consistently exceed all expectations, enabling clients to quickly and efficiently increase brand exposure and customer base, with dramatic results.


Our competitive advantage is in our focus for obtaining high quality, long-term customers for our clients. We have an extensive and highly proficient administration, training and support structure, which is based at our head office in Sydney.  This excellent structure is essential for the efficient processing of new sales, any customer service issues and the continual training and development of our representatives. We are continually expanding our client base.



Compliance, Development & Performance at the forefront of our business.

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We have over 60 sales representatives across NSW and QLD currently representing clients within Art Union Lottery, and Government campaigns.

We pride ourselves on having experienced, and professional sales representatives, who are thoroughly trained on all aspects of sales, customer service and product knowledge. We appreciate that each of our clients have differing standards and requirements; therefore we tailor our training and processes accordingly.  

We adhere to strict codes of conduct in the training of our representatives and the deliverance of our clients brand values, ensuring that all government regulations are met and provide regular customer service and sales training to guarantee that our clients are always appropriately represented.​​​


Charity & Non For Profit, Telecommunications, Energy, Government Funded Education and Energy Saving Campaigns​

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